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Trivia Stars   is a live quiz application where you can compete to many other contestants all over the world. During the games, participants answer the questions and earn Trivia Stars Coin from the prize pool.
It is free of charge to download the application and join the game. For different modes of the game, the Contestant need diamond or ticket.
Anyone can participate in the Trivia Stars Quiz. The user will be deemed to have accepted the terms of use that the contest will be invalid in cases of invalid sign-in methods or methods which do not meet the terms of use.
You can download it from the Apple App-Store and Google Play Store.
Yes. You collect Trivia Stars Coin as you win the competitions. 100 Trivia Stars Coin equals to $1. Until you reach the withdrawal limit (3000 Trivia Stars Coin), the prize you win will be booked in your Triva Stars account and you may track it apparently.
When the money you have earned exceeds 3000 Trivia Stars Coin, you can transfer the money in your account to your Paypal account or bank account.
Once you have downloaded the application onto your phone and have signed up using the code, the instructions will direct you to the game page. You can click on ‘’play now’’ for an instant game where you can compete to random opponents all over the world or you can book your seat in scheduled games. You need to have ticket to book a seat in scheduled games which you can compete to more competitive contestants in special topics.
You can use Whatsapp login or Apple/Google IDs.
The awards distributed are given by the investors of our company and sometimes, by sponsors and advertisers. Apple Inc. is by no means a party to the contest fiction and awards distributed.
There are three (3) wildcard models, but each wild-card cannot be used more than once in a competition.
Wildcard for Extra Life: The user advances on to the next round even if he/she answers the question incorrectly.
Wildcard for Double Answer: The user can mark two (2) of the options, thus increasing his/her chances.
Wildcard for Pass: The user passes directly to the next question without any loss, by saying ''pass'' directly.
You can increase them by choosing and purchasing the right package for you on the market page in the application or you can win them in several games day along.
Once the amount in the account becomes transferable, the member will make a request from 3K Mobile by clicking on the button "Transfer to My Account". Within 24 hours the member can transfer the money to his/her Paypal account or bank account. In 3-4 business days of receiving the request by 3K Mobile, the intermediary business partner with whom 3K Mobile works will instruct the bank to make the relevant money transfer. 3K Mobile cannot be held responsible for delays/failures due to the intermediary firm and/or the bank.
Contact us at [email protected] and tell us the problem you are having with indicating your username and let us examine the situation for a solution.
No, you cannot change your username.
 You can send an e-mail to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing your comments.
You can read our Rules and Terms of Use.
You can always e-mail to [email protected].


Trivia Stars is a live knowledge competition with more than 50 broadcasts per day. Different numbers of players compete and earn real money at the same time. Players earn real money with their knowledge. The amount of prize they will win varies according to the number of people they compete and the format of the game. There are 2 types of competitions you can participate in the Trivia Stars application: VIP Competitions and Free competitions.
You can check out below for detailed information about all the competitions and rules.
Each user account is personal and activated by defining the mobile number. Your username or phone number obtained during registration is permanent and will not change afterwards. It is against the rules for the same user to compete with more than one account and his account will be suspended when detected. It is prohibited to PowerUp / ticket / money transfer between different accounts.
Your user account is personal and should not be shared with 3rd parties. Do not share your account with others, in order to avoid suffering from this situation.
Comments that contain cursing, insulting, offensive, threatening, obscene, harassment, racism, sexism, etc. against other users and the contest may cause your account to be closed. All comments and statements against the contest rules will result in your account being restricted or permanently closed.
In order to avoid unfair competition, the use of mobile / PC emulator type applications are unfortunately not allowed. Do not forget that you may lose your account when you compete through such applications. The use of all kinds of 3rd party software that will create unfair competition in the competitions will also cause your account to be permanently closed.
You can compete with various prizes in Royale, Stairs, Station and True-False formats.

Royale: The contest continues until the last one person remains. It is made in 3-options or TF (True-False) formats. There is no question limit. The last remaining contestant wins the grand prize along with all other prizes.

Ladder: All questions answered directly or by using PowerUp correctly bring in money. At the end of each question, the amount of prize determined is shared equally among the competitors who gave the correct answer. Since the number of competitors decreases in each question, the amount of prize won is higher than the previous question.

Station: A reward is shared for every 5 questions. The prize amount determined at the end of each 5 questions is shared equally among the contestants. There are formats with 10 and 20 questions. As the prize distribution range is longer, the amount of prize earned is also high.

True / False: Unlike other formats, there are 2 options, not 3. The answer is given by deciding whether the question or proposition on the screen is true or false. The Royale, Stairs, or Station competition formats can also be played as TF. All PowerUps in 3-options competitions are also valid in this format. geçerlidir.
These are competitions that users can participate for free. PowerUp and VIP tickets are earned. Competitions are made in a format that can ask limited or unlimited questions. When a certain number of competitors is remained in the competitions which unlimited questions are asked, the prize is shared and the competition ends. In question limited competitions, all competitors who answer all questions correctly win awards. As with VIP competitions, there is a participation limit. Prior registration is required.
VIP competitions are competitions which participation is limited and therefore the amount / probability of winning is higher. Competitions are held in tens of categories such as sports, history, geography, mathematics, cinema and literature. Participation in the competitions is provided with a "VIP ticket". Due to variables such as format, participant and award amount the participation ticket price of each competition is different. In the lower right corner of each competition, it is written how many tickets can participate in the relevant competition.
Contestants can participate according to various earning categories so that everyone may compete equally and fairly. It is based on each contestant competing with users of their own level. For example; Contestants with a total income of less than 5$ compete as "New Arrivals". Contestants with a total income of up to 50 $ may compete in the "Amateurs" category. In short, everyone competes in their own league with the relevant formats. It is against the rules to open new accounts in order to participate in amateur contests.
The time to answer the question on the screen is 12 seconds in 3-options competitions; It is 10 seconds in 2-options True-False format. An answer must be given within this time. The answers given in the last second may not be detected by the system, depending on your internet or device speed. Therefore, it is beneficial not to leave it to the last second.
PowerUps: PowerUps give you an advantage in questions you may not know or are unsure about. There are 3 wildcard models.
Extra Life PowerUp: Even if the user answers the question incorrectly, it moves to the next round.
Double Answer Booster: User can check 2 of the options, thus increasing the chance of correct answer.
Pass PowerUp: The user passes directly to the question he cannot know and passes to the next question without any loss.
You may purhcase PowerUps with various privileges within the application or from the app store, Google Play Store and your PayPal account. You can also get PowerUp / VIP tickets with your accumulated balance in your account. When illegal use is detected in PowerUp purchases and refunds from your user account, the relevant amount will be collected and your account will be permanently deleted. For this reason, we recommend that you do not share your user information and account with others. Refunds are not applicable from your in-game balance and purchases made through PayPal.
Each competition offers different amounts of prizes depending on the format or number of the participants. The amount of prizes varies according to the competition formats and content mentioned above. Prizes won in the competition begin to be credited to user accounts as soon as the contest is over and is completed within a few minutes.
The awards you earn in competitions are defined as Trivia Stars Coin unit in your account. 100 Trivia Stars Coin is equal to 1 $. In an other saying; 1 $ cash prize you win from any competition will appear as 100 Trivia Stars Coin in your account. You can find further details about earnings below.
When the prize amount earned in the contest exceeds 30 $, you can transfer the money in your account to your PayPal account or to your bank account via IBAN. You can draw the money you have transferred to your PayPal account after 24 hours. If you will draw from your bank account, you can request a transfer via IBAN until the last day of each month. (Requests after this date will be transferred to the next payment period.) For requests submitted by the end of the month, payment is made on the 5th day of each month and all payments are completed within 7 workdays. Please let us know if your payment request is not received within 7 workdays after the 5th of each month. We will provide the necessary control as soon as possible.
In VIP competitions, the competition is canceled, all awards are withdrawn, tickets are refunded and a Fix Pack is given to everyone. In free competitions, the competition is canceled and the prizes are taken back, and 5 PowerUp packages are given to everyone.
The prizes for the mistaken question and questions that follow will be withdrawn. The prize is shared equally among everyone who had the right to answer the wrong question. If the price is less than the ticket price, the ticket will be refunded instead of the prize sharing.
You may send us all your suggestions and problems from the "Feedback" section in the application. When we have a large number of users, the processes that require technical review may sometimes be prolonged, but all the problems you submit to us are resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience in this process.